Cookie Cravings

I’m a woman. Therefore (according to my husband) I’m sensitive, sarcastic, moody (all of these things rightfully so, might I add), and sometimes I just want some freaking cookies. Oh, cookies, what a precious gift to the world. I’m ashamed to admit that there are times when I whip up some cookie batter and it never even makes it to the oven. In fact, there’s a giant bowl of cookie dough sitting in my freezer right now just waiting for me to get home! Is it pathetic that I’m actually looking forward to this?! Don’t judge me.

Chocolate chip, snicker doodle, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate hazelnut… if you’re not craving these by now, there is quite possibly something very seriously wrong with you. You might want to get that checked out. Really.

They’re the perfect table topper when company comes over, or when you’re visiting a friend and don’t want to show up empty handed. No matter the reason these wonderful treats never fail to impress or say, “I was thinking about you”.

If there is one piece of wise advice I can give you for the day it is this: Find one loved one that you haven’t talked to in a while, or who deserves a very simple act of thoughtfulness and send some cookies their way. Whether it brings back wonderful childhood memories or warms their heart from the unexpected kind gesture, you’re sure to make their day!

Want to go one more step toward looking creative with out having to rack your brain? Try the Apothecary Jar of Cookies or the New Baby Cookie Basket for someone who’s expecting! They come in multiple tempting flavors and are made with the freshest ingredients.

Don’t have anyone to send cookies to? My address is….

  1. Those cookies are really good!

  2. These cookies are so delicious! Some of the best cookies I’ve ever had!!

  3. lol.. Can I include my address to? The snicker doodle are my absolute favorite!!

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