Administrative Professionals Day Contest

Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 22nd this year, but really, the whole week is dedicated to our valued Admins. This has become one of the largest workplace celebrations in the US. Administrative Professionals have a tough job and often go unrecognized, but Admin’s Day gives us the opportunity to make sure the professional in our lives know they are appreciated.

GiftTree wants to help you treat your Administrative Professional with our Sincerest Thanks Gourmet Gift Basket. Leave a comment here to tell us why your Admin is the best of the best and you’ll be entered to win. We’ll select the best answer and ship the gift to you or directly to your admin, if you’d like. And let’s face it, Administrative Professionals are good at getting things done so if you’re an admin, feel free to enter yourself in this contest as well. Just tell us what makes you a great Administrative Professional.

Deadline to Enter: Midnight (PST), Monday, April 13th. Follow GiftTree on Twitter to receive notifications of future contests.

  1. I have been one but never had one so this is a great thing to give, wish it was me back then

  2. She is the best! She is always there to help wherever needed.

  3. 30+ years at the same job, so I’d like to nominate myself.

  4. I nominate Margaret Jewell because she is the best of the best! She does so much for everyone and is always one step ahead of the pack. If I win, you can ship the basket directly to her. She deserves this in a major way!

  5. I would like to nominate myself if I may. I work very hard :)

  6. My admin is Dennis,
    my chauffer and head chef, too.
    He’s the boss of our two-employee operation,
    I’d pick him,
    so I hope you will, too!

  7. I nominate my boss who gets things done no matter the circumstances.

  8. I don’t know anybody in Admin. but the prize is great.

  9. I nominate Christine. She is the one that keeps me on my toes. She is always there for me and knows exactly what I need. I couldnt do it without her.

  10. I nominate my husband’s admin asst, Mady! She is the best! She makes everything happen seamlessly! She gets him home when his flight gets delayed or cancelled! She makes sure he gets fed when he is working late! She is the best!!

  11. I nominate Mollie from the Chelan Valley Independent School. The term “Administrative Professional” fits her perfectly as she is no one’s assistant, but everyone’s helpmate. Mollie replaced our former Office Manager/Admin Assistant AND our Director 3 years ago and does EVERYTHING that is needed from the bookkeeping, to recess, to bandaging skinned knees, to making sure we are all well-supplied with staples, paper, and dark chocolate. She also fields all parent issues, hiring, and manages our board. Mollie is the go-to person for every issue and is not at all well compensated for her work. She does it selflessly and often we forget to tell her how much we appreciate her. I really don’t know how our school would run if we didn’t have Mollie. Mollie defines “Administrative Professional” and really deserves to be acknowledged for her dedication, hard work, unique brand of love, and the chocolate. I hope you’ll consider our unsung hero for this honor. Thank you!

  12. I am a great administrative person because of my attention to details

  13. My admin is the best because it is my hubby and I =) and I think we’re awesome

  14. I myself am the BEST admin asst ever! LOL
    I do everything in the office and makes sure everything is done accurate and on time!
    I LOVE my job and its about time i get some recognition!!

  15. My mother- because she does it all!
    She is THE ultimate administrative assistant :)

  16. myself because I am good at making sure everyone else gets there work done

  17. I feel I am a great admin asst. because I know my boss well enough to have documents ready for her before she even asks for them. She seems amazed at this, but it is just a matter of loving my job (admin in a children’s mental outpatient clinic), listening to words that aren’t spoken out loud and following through.
    Thanks for the contest.
    susan dot lockhart at gmail dot com

  18. Sweet – Will give as a gift

  19. I would nominate my sister who works so hard and does a great job.

  20. My assistant has the following quote pinned up on on the wall and the quote says it all (describes her better than I can) because she sure knows her work – she is worth her weight in gold.

    “Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress” :- Alfred A Montapert.

  21. My admin keeps me organized, interested in new ideas, and always on my toes!

  22. I nominate my husband. He busts his behind out at his job and yet everyone else gets the praise for the work because he doesn’t have the title. It is as if they walk all over him and treat him like there dog. But if it wasn’t for my husband doing THERE work the store would have already went to hell. My husband has the bad knees \, feet and back to show the hell he goes through but he still does it to take care of our daughter and myself. I love him for all he does and he deserves to be appreciated.

  23. I nominate my mom, she has the most amazing people skills of anyone I’ve ever met, and has the uncanny ability to handle all obstacles with grace. Her boss is lucky to have her!

  24. We detail cars & the car dealer we work for is so kind, they gave us an electric heater for winter & ice cream and cold drinks for summer they are truly the best,this gift would go to them as a awesome thank you.

  25. I nominate myself because the men I work with don’t even know there is such a thing as administrative professionals day!

  26. I nominate myself. I am a secretary at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center for the past 10 years. I love my job helping our Veterans they done so much helping us and its very rewarding to give back and help them.

  27. My friend Gena is the best admin, she is always on top

  28. My Admin Assistant works in out of the California office, three time zones away, yet somehow always finds the time to solve any problem and be friendly and gracious at the same time. She deserves this more then anyone that I know.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  29. I don’t have an assistant but am kind of one myself, I work for a Doctor and part of my job is making his time in the office easier which I apparently do a great job doing, so I nominate myself. Thanks for the contest

  30. My daughter is the best Administrative Assistant. She is fast, efficient and always meets her deadlines in a timely manner. She is not only an administrative assistant on her regular job, but for her Church and her community center. Boy can this girl multi-task effectively.

  31. I nominate myself. I think one of the greatest qualities an AA can have is to think ahead, whether it be what the boss might want for lunch or how to increase sales.

  32. My sister takes care of all the family events and birthdays so this one is for her.

  33. I work as an office manager for a psychological practice. I work about 50 hrs a week doing everything from doing secretary duties, to bookkeeping, billing, plus I have a three year old at home and I am 7 months pregnant…yeah I stay busy!

  34. I’m grinning as I say this, but I have to nominate myself because I’m the person who does all the admin work for our music business. I love my work and I think that’s rare these days so I know I’m lucky.

    My business partner gives me all the time and space I need to get things done right, so that means a lot, too. I think that when workers are respected and that respect is shown, the work that is produced is much better and the workplace is so much more pleasant.

    A secondary reason for being excited about this prize is that I’m the world’s most serious chocoholic and sweets junky! (But yes, I’d share!) :-) I looked this basket up and the items it contains are very exciting! I think I’d start with the Organic Latte Chocolate Bar and that would provide a VERY good day!!

  35. I nominate my mom.
    She is amazing at her job. She always gives her best to every company she works at, and she always receives the best praise from her bosses and coworkers, but we just moved, and she is now starting a new job, and doesn’t real feel as if she is doinga good job. I know she is. And I want to show her that.

  36. My assistant would love it!

  37. My admin does her duties, volunteers forother duties, and never complains

  38. What makes me a good Administrator? I produce a TV series locally to give artists of all genres a voice in the media and have to constantly work with all sorts of people and adjust to them and put them at ease so that they’ll do well in their interviews (they can use the tapes to send in for grants for themselves!), and I have to deal with engineers,
    videographers, other administrators (to get the interviews), etc. – you really have to be a people person to do what I’m doing! It helps that I really care about everyone concerned and try to clear up any issues that they may have as soon as possible!

  39. I nominate my mom because while I’m studying hard for college, she helps me no matter what- with errands or helping me research with some of my problems. She also helps my twin sister. If we’re pulling her at both ends of the string, she doesn’t get exasperated or upset. She helps one and then the other!

  40. Jennifer Is My Admin Asst – She Rocks! She Not Only Anticipates My Customers Needs, But Helps Me Get my Job Done too!

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