Spring is Here!

I’ve been waiting for spring since September 1st, or I should say, the moment that first fall rain came. Spring is one of my absolute favorite times of year. You see more of the warm sunny days and better yet, the days are much longer. Now you have the time to go on the walks that we all replaced with the treadmill at the gym. Just don’t forget to enjoy the blooming trees on your way to the park. The smell when you walk up to it, is indescribable.

The other thing I love about spring is all the beautiful spring flowers like the iris and Hyacinths that are blooming in your garden. For me, it’s so difficult to find a free evening to go outside and enjoy the early spring but that still does not stop me from picking up Daffodils from my parent’s garden and placing them in my room to enjoy. If your like me, or know someone who is missing out on the spiring because of their crazy schedule, pick some flowers from your garden and put them in a vase in your room or someone else’s room. It will definitely brighten everyone’s day.

If you have no garden, not a problem. GiftTree has an arrangement with spring flowers. Welcome Spring is a mix cut arrangement that includes spring flowers such as iris, tulips and hyacinths in a beautiful basket. So go ahead and bring some sunshine to someone’s day by sending them this beautiful basket of spring flowers.

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