Made from the Heart

Patti D Says
Do people enjoy homemade gifts?

Brandy – Customer Service Representative
Absolutely! The fact that you took time out of your life to make someone something means so, so much. My grandma made me an afghan for my 4th or 5th birthday and I still have it. It just meant so much to me. One of my other favorite gifts that I ever received was from my grandmother-in-law. She painted this beautiful picture of the countryside. I hung it up right away and everyday I look at it and think of her. So, yes, absolutely people enjoy homemade gifts!

  1. I think home made gifts are extra special too! I love getting them & making them. Usually a home made gift means the person was thinking of you & it wasn’t a rush gift. It means they really put thought & heart into it.

  2. I got a cute hand made bracelet from a little girl at church and up to this day it hangs in my room next to my family pictures. Every morning that I wake up and see it, it puts smile on my face so yes home made gifts are the greatest!!

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