The Cutest Dog Treat Jar

Believe it or not, before I was employed at GiftTree, I was afraid of dogs. And by afraid, I mean, run as fast as you can when you see one, even if it’s a tiny chihuahua. Go ahead have your laugh. I loved cats, but dogs were, (please note: “WERE”), just not my thing. When I got hired at GiftTree I noticed many of my coworkers had doggie treats on their desks but I didn’t give it much thought. Later that week I was on the phone placing an order and next thing I know I feel something wet pushing my elbow up. As I turned around there is this big golden-doodle staring at me with his puppy eyes begging for a treat. Trying hard not to panic, I politely patted the dog and of course commented on how cute he was (if you saw him you would say the same, he is the cutest). The following week and every day of that week he would escape from his “office” and run to me doing the same old trick, pushing my elbow up with his wet nose begging for treats. At that time I didn’t have any treats on my desk and soon enough he figured out that I wasn’t going to give him any so he stopped visiting me right at the time that I started to adore dogs.

A few weeks later, our Director of Customer Service got a Yellow Lab who we often refer to as the “Call Center Dog” and the Director of Business Development in the office next door, got a St. Bernard and Black Lab mix. At this point I said, you know what I NEED to buy? A treat jar for the dogs! I went to 5 different stores searching for a treat jar and could not find a single one. Finally I found a cookie jar that I thought would work ok.

A while later, I was looking at some pet gifts on our website and saw that we have a Dog Bone Treat Jar that is way cuter then my cookie jar that is pretending to be a treat jar. If I only knew earlier, I would not have gone to 5 different stores to find one. (Hey, I was new here) Now that I have the treat jar, every dog that passes by has to stop for a treat, including Soda the golden-doodle who still pushes my elbow up with his wet nose for a treat. At this point I feel like all dogs adore ME now. Of course  we all know it’s the treats on my desk, but let’s not spoil my moment.

  1. this Dog Bone Treat Jar is very beautiful!!!

  2. What an awesome post Luba. I love all of the dogs here too!

  3. Cora loves seeing you, even without the treats! :)

  4. I love that we have all the dogs here at GiftTree… I remember when I first started I was totally shocked & thrilled when I saw them! I love when I get a visit at my desk from my “work dogs”, it always puts a smile on my face! I’m so glad they changed your mind about dogs! :)

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