Amedei Chocolate Mentioned on 30 Rock

If you caught the last episode of 30 Rock, you surely saw Jack Donaghy gushing over a $1000 dessert that he wanted to share with Salma Hayek on Valentine’s Day. After a long list of sumptuous attributes, he describes this ultimate ice cream sundae as being “drizzled with the world’s most expensive chocolate, Amedei Porcelana.”

The Amedei Porcelana is made of a rare, translucent white cocoa bean farmed on small plantations in Venezuela. While we don’t (yet) offer this divine confection, two of our gourmet gift baskets do boast premium Amedei chocolates. You’ll find Amedei Madagascar, single origin chocolates in the new Chocolatier Chest and the Luxury Wine and Chocolates Gift Basket.

These bite sized Amedei chocolates are beautifully presented and a joy to nibble. As defined in one recent review, “The definitive Madagascar. Amedei has truly found the perfect point in this often-difficult chocolate, producing one at once characteristic and balanced. Supremely delicate and revealing all the Madagascan notes, this is a breathtaking chocolate and illustrates what the hype is all about in the sudden surge of interest in the chocolate of this country.”

There you have it: a chocolate loved by reviewers and famous actors alike. Just another reason to remember that when you are sending a GiftTree gift basket, you are sending the very best.

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