The Perfect Champagne for Valentine’s Day

When looking for a special gift this year for Valentine’s Day, champagne gifts are always an excellent choice. After all, a bit of bubbly seems to put anyone in the mood and has a way of making the occasion feel special. At GiftTree, we happen to offer a very special champagne with a very special story of romance, making it the perfect champagne for Valentine’s Day.

He was a handsome young Frenchman, passionate about wine. She was Dutch, charming, and with impeccable taste. In 1811, young Pierre Nicolas-Marie Perrier and his new wife Adele Jouet decided to found their vineyard in the heart of France’s Champagne region. The story goes that they worked the fields together and were just as committed to making high quality champagne as they were to each other. As their partnership flourished, so did their wine and the young couple had unlimited success with their Champagne quickly being demanded for export throughout the world.

Six generations of family later, the same fields are still producing the same great grapes and fantastic wine. The Perrier-Jouet love story famously lives on and their beautifully presented bottles with fanciful anemone designs are a reminder of the love and romance that Champagne naturally represents.

Cheers to you and your Valentine!

  1. a nice gift for wine lovers

  2. Looks like a beautiful gift

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