You be the Judge

Even though it seems like this gift would only be good as a gift for judges, you would be surprised at how useful these little things are! If you were to order the Gavel with Engrave Stand you could really gift it to many people. Let me give you some examples…

This would be a great gift for your favorite Lodge Member! A lot of lodges today still participate in ceremonies where the Master or highest ranking lodge member conduct meetings. See, perfect gift!  How about any fraternity or sorority members? Gavels are widely used in these types of clubs as well. They are used in the same fashion as the lodges. Very symbolic. Most clubs of any kind use mallets or Gavels to lead meetings and to conduct traditional ceremonies.

There is very little out there on the subject of the Gavel, all of the information I have found began in the early 1700’s. Again, mostly used by lodges and clubs. Some of the earlier forms of this tool were actually standing upright in a base (interesting tidbit).

Anyhow, I really like this little guy! This is just one of many items we have in our Personalized Gifts category here at GiftTree. Thanks to the engravers here for doing such a great job!!

  1. We (my 3 year old,Lukas, and boyfriend of 8 years, Sean) will start the morning off with some heart shaped pancakes, starwberries and whipcream with OJ (skip the champagne as I am 4 months pregnant and Sean does not drink…oh and neither does Lukas :) Then we will take Lukas to swimming lessons and Sean will join him after the lessons. I will prepare for the joint 3 year old birthday party we are having at the sports center for 20 kids…jumping in a bouncy castle, riding bikes, hockey and soccer. Then we will have a nap and go out side for a little play in the park and dinner picnic of our favourite miso soup, edammmae, sweet potato tempura rolls. After we put Lukas to bed we will give each other our homemade cards telling each other why we love each other. Snuggle on the couch and go to bed.


  2. Catchy title!

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