Spoil Yourself and Others

Guest Blogger: Amy H.

I’m a big fan of supplying people with reasons to spoil and treat themselves, even if I have to make up reasons. However, after surviving yet another holiday season, I don’t think anyone needs excuses, rather, just reminders. So I’d like to remind everyone of the importance of simply slowing down just long enough to rejuvenate and refresh themselves.

The Holidays are a time of year that so many people look forward to, yet it is also a source of stress and tension from all the nonstop hustling and bustling of preparation, shopping, traveling and so much more. The number of tasks people try to accomplish in such a short amount of time, in combination with pre-existing routines and obligations, is enough to explain why new technical terms have to be coined, such as post-holiday stress syndrome. Whether this affects you seriously or not, it is one good reason; if you needed one, to give yourself or encourage others to relax and rejuvenate.

What better way to urge someone into taking time out than with spa gift baskets? Filled with all the necessities for winding down and enriching one’s body, spa gift baskets are a thoughtful and complete gift. There are many combinations to choose from, but among them you’ll find soothing scented oils, aromatherapy candles and moisturizing soaps and lotions and more. Whichever spa gift basket you decide upon, your recipient, even if it’s yourself, will enjoy the in-home spa experience and certainly feel revitalized and refreshed.

  1. After reading this. I will definitely keep in mind to always take some time out for myself. Especially during the holidays! :-)

  2. The Honey Spa Treatment looks wonderful. I love to take time for myself like this.

  3. Great post Amy. I am always looking for a way to pamper myself!

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