New Baby on the Way?

There are few joys in life more exciting than having a new baby. If your friend or loved one is having a baby soon, you may want to join in the celebration by sending them one of our new baby gift baskets for the very special occasion of welcoming the new baby boy or girl to the home. Thoughtful gift baskets can help make that first day of transition as special and as pleasing as possible for the new mommy and her little bundle of joy.

If your loved one is a brand new mom welcoming her first child, you can get her a gift basket full of new baby basics, such as baby powder, shampoo, baby wipes, onsies, blankets, and bottles, along with a rattle and teddy bear for the new baby. Mom may want a little bit of pampering as well, so why not get a post-pregnancy gift basket filled with products designed to pamper her and make her feel relaxed, such as those gift baskets that contain adult shampoos and conditioners, nipple butters, bath salts, and lotions? Giving the new mommy some spa-like treatment can make her feel loved and appreciated for all the hard work she went through over the past nine months.

Some baskets are designed to be used by mom and baby together, such as gift baskets with baby books and toys to please the new child as he or she grows and learns. Others are intended just for mom, like spa treatment baskets or perhaps a wine basket for Mom’s first glass after the new baby has been born. The new baby can receive gift baskets full of new baby clothes and toys to entertain them and make them feel happy. There are fun gift baskets, practical gift baskets, and gift baskets for the special pampering of both mom and baby.

Another option to consider is our selection of baby gift baskets including with a keepsake item, such as a monogrammed rattle, engraved baby keepsake silver shoe, baby handprint tower, or special engraved containers for baby’s first tooth or lock of hair. Other gifts and gift baskets may contain items specifically for the bath or nursery. If you think that the new parents have been inundated with general new baby gift baskets, consider buying them a special nightlight or mobile for their nursery, or a bath time gift basket full of sensitive shampoos, washcloths, rubber duckies, and more. Last but not least, sending flowers and balloons is a classic way to welcome new baby and to brighten up the house or hospital room.

Don’t forget about food! The new mom and dad will no doubt be exhausted from the sleepless nights and general transition, making it always a good idea to send a fruit basket or gourmet gift basket. GiftTree offers a large variety of both fruit baskets and gift baskets that are full of nourishing and healthy options. With such a large variety of tempting finger foods at hand, you can rest assured that both mom and dad will stay healthy, happy, and well-fed.

The possibilities are truly endless. The important thing to remember is that both the new parents and the new baby will need a lot of love and attention as they begin their journey together. Purchasing baby gift baskets is a great step in that direction, so consider buying one for the new mommy in your life today!

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