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GiftTree has customers all over the world ordering their get well gifts. GiftTree is simply the best at giving gifts and get well gifts are no exception. Here is my list of top 7 GiftTree get well gifts:

1. Get Well Medicine Cabinet $59.95 This is one of my favorite GiftTree gifts overall. It is a medicine cabinet full of Dr. Hathaway’s Prescribed Jelly Beans, Chewy Sprees, Lemon Drops, Chocolate covered Sunflower seeds, a Smiley Face Ice Bag from GalPal, Johnson & Johnson Mini First Aid Kit, Ahmad Strawberry Tea, Fuji Bottled Water, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, and Gumi-Aid.
2. Premium Fruit & Snacks Sampler $34.95 This fruit box comes with three Imperial Comice pears, three Fuji apples, three California Navel oranges, seasoned almonds, and chocolate covered fruit. I am not quite sure if this one is listed under the get well section on GiftTree’s Web site but I think a box full of delicious fruit would help me get well if I were feeling sick. I can’t believe this get well gift is only $34.95.
3. Chicken Soup for the Soul Get Well Gift Basket $59.95 This basket contains the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, Peppermint Chamomile Tea and an included mug, Brown & Haley Almond Roca, Macadams’ Croccante Cookies, Aaron Bell Roasted Almonds, Rosemary Garlic Crackers, and delicious Huckleberry Jam.
4. Road to Recovery Spa Gift Basket $99.95 This basket is filled with spa products designed to help restore and revive. It has organic Shea Butter & Jojoba cream, Hop Tea soap, all natural bamboo linens, Earth Gems’ ginger leaf, palmetto bath salts, The Republic of Tea fair trade certified teas, Serenity herbal tea, a unique ceramic mug, two jars of delicious Orange Blossom Honey, and a boxed set of botanical stationary.
5. Get Well Balloons & Bear-12 Mixed $54.95 This would be a great gift just by itself or added to one of the get well gifts mentioned above. This gift consists of twelve fun get well balloons accompanied by an 8″-10″ teddy bear. A mixed bouquet of 6 mylar and 6 latex balloons is hand delivered with a sweet teddy bear to convey your greeting. You can even add or upgrade items to fit the recipients.
6. Chocolate Paradise $79.95 The name says it all. This basket is filled with 24 rich gourmet cookies made with Guittard Chocolate, Mackenzie’s Chocolates, famous for intricate shaped chocolates, provides the rest of the sweet confections: a 16-piece box of chocolate covered toffee, a 32-piece box of floral-shaped chocolates, a 4-piece box of filled truffles, and a unique heart-shaped chocolate box which contains 3 more truffles.
7. Edible Chocolate Box $64.95 This is a box filled with 18 truffles. It has Milk Chocolate Peanut Butterfly, Bittersweet Peanut Butterfly, Gold Star Milk Chocolate Caramel, Poire William Milk Chocolate Caramel, Orange Marzipan, Lemon Marzipan, Caramelized Almond Cluster, Fleur de Sel Caramel, and Bittersweet Chocolate Fleur de Sel Caramel. After you eat the truffles, you get to eat the box.

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  1. I’ve ordered a Get Well Medicine Cabinet for a friend of mine who was in a hospital and he loved it! It’s a great get well gift that is appropriate for anyone and for any age.

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