Get Well Gift Baskets

I often have customers call looking for ideas for get well gift baskets, and get well gifts. And now that it’s the holidays getting sick is even harder! After asking a few questions I’m usually able to help them pick out the right gift for the situation. If you think about it, the words “Get Well” can encompass just about everything from the common cold to major brain surgery, and what to give is as varied as the diagnosis itself. Giving gift baskets filled with specific items aimed at whatever the illness is, can really do the trick and there are so many other things to think about as well. Here are some things I’ve encountered that may be helpful to you as well in finding the right gift.

  • When sending flowers, balloons or gift baskets to a hospital, check ahead to see if your intended recipient is allowed to receive gifts at all. Most ICU areas have strict rules and regulations when it comes to deliveries. Also, the majority of hospitals do not allow latex balloon deliveries, so it’s best to send a mylar balloon bouquet instead.
  • Checking first to see if there are allergies or dietary restrictions will help you select a gift that can be truly enjoyed and appreciated. For example, a heart patient may not be as appreciative of a sausage and cheese basket as they would be a fruit basket, and someone on a respirator may not appreciate a big bouquet of lilies.
  • If your recipient is going to be hospitalized for any length of time, try to incorporate items such as magazines or crossword puzzles into your gift to help pass the time more quickly.
  • Gift baskets are that much more special when you add a personal touch to them, and options that allow you to personalize the gift are always a plus. A ribbon that says “We love you Aunt Mary, get well soon!” is sure to be a hit compared to one with just a plain old bow.
  • Find out if your intended recipient is diabetic or has food allergies as this will definitely impact what food items you want to include in your gift baskets should you decide to send something with edible items.

No matter what you try to do though, in most cases, you can’t change what your friend or loved one is going through. The best thing you can do in any situation is to simply show them that you care about them and love them, offering your support when they need it the most. However, it can be hard to do that, and sometimes even a little bit awkward. That’s why get well gift baskets are a smart move to make, and one that your loved one can appreciate.

Get well gift baskets can come in a variety of forms to handle any situation. There are gift baskets filled with medicinal items for someone struggling with an illness, while another basket may contain soup and a good book to help warm the heart of someone who is down on life. Even a bad cold can be soothed with a gift basket filled with hot teas to comfort a sore throat. Get well gift baskets offer comfort to someone who needs it – and they go a step beyond. It’s one thing to pat a friend on the shoulder and tell them that you hope they get better. It’s completely different to reach out to them and offer them a basket filled with things that will either ease their physical pain or comfort them in their emotional struggles. Get well gift baskets are practical and thoughtful, and are worth your consideration the next time you want to help someone get through a tough time. Don’t forget too, that there are some gift baskets that add a touch of whimsy such as the Get Well Medicine Cabinet. It’s a perfect example of laughter being the best medicine and it’s filled with all sorts of things guaranteed to bring a smile. Of course there’s nothing better than good old fashioned TLC, but when you can’t be there to let them know you’re thinking of them, sending gift baskets filled with little treasures like soups or teas is the next best thing to being there. Check out the assortment of get well gift baskets offered on There are some really unique items as well as some tried and true favorites, and they can be shipped directly to your recipient. Sending a get well wish has never been easier!

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