Birthday Gifts Galore

Birthday gifts are such a fun and important way to show how much you appreciate someone. A day designated to acknowledge just how long someone has been on this earth. It’s an opportunity to lavish the person with special attention and gifts. Since our gifts and gift baskets here at GiftTree are delivered, it gives the gift that “surprise” factor. I know I am always surprised when someone sends me a gift.  I also know it makes me feel pretty special, and important. Here a couple of gifts that I know I would love to receive and I think anyone that you are looking to send a gift to would also love to receive.

The Around the World Wine Chest: First, it comes in a world map chest that can be a display piece for any home. It’s attractive, sturdy, and large enough for holding collectibles or toys. With brass and leather accents, it’s almost guaranteed that people will be asking you “Where did you get that handsome chest?” It is definitely one of the most requested containers from our customer base. Then this gift filled to the maximum with birthday indulgences, including two wines. Antinori Santa Cristina, a crisp, fruity ruby red wine crafted from a range of vineyards in the Tuscan Hills, and Beringer Third Century Chardonnay, a fully integrated wine that delivers the brightest and most sought-after characteristics of a great Chardonnay. Twelve International Coffees from Coffee Masters, Scottish Shortbread Cookies, Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake, a tin of The Chocolate Traveler Gourmet Chocolate Wedges, and more make up the gourmet goodies.  Each food has a different nationality, be it Comfort Collection Belgian Truffles or Italian Dolcetto Wafer Rolls.

Chocolate-Dipped Wine: Choose from four different wines or a champagne to coincide with your birthday recipients taste. Each bottle is hand-dipped in gourmet Guittard dark chocolate for a most beautiful and unforgettable gift presentation. Simply pull the ribbon “zipper” to release the chocolate jacket from the bottle, pour the wine into glasses, and enjoy! The bottle will arrive beautifully wrapped in a gold organza bottle bag. This gift is decadent, fun and unique all at the same time!

Birthday Rejuvenation Spa Kit: Nothing says happy birthday like the gift of pampering and relaxation. Inside an exquisite suede and leather hat box lies, french-milled soap from Gianna Rose Atelier, individually boxed and lightly scented. Bath Bees, capsules containing a fragrant skin- soothing blend of Sunflower oils enhanced with extracts of Bee Balm, Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. Silk aromatic eye pillow, soft gold baby bee brocade filled with relaxing herbs found in a spring meadow, including lavender, chamomile, peppermint and mugwort reduces stress and for allows sweet dreams. Certified organic bamboo hand towel that are unbelievably soft, four-inch beeswax pillar candle, and personal care products that include a nail brush, pumice stone, massage brush, bath sponge and all natural hair brush. All these wonderful products come together for a birthday gift so luxurious it rivals the offerings in the most exclusive spas around the world.

The Signature Collection: This gift arrives in a two-tone suede tote that is stunning and sure to impress. The tote, overflowing with best of the best signature brands of the year, including Oprah’s favorite, MarieBelle Chocolate, V Chocolate Thin Mints, Perugina White Chocolate and Seattle Milk Chocolate Truffles. Also included is a very special, one-pound worth of Almond Chocolate Toffee that has been explained as making this gift basket worth every penny just to get the toffee. Even opening the toffee is an experience to enjoy. The toffee is packaged in a pearl blue, two-piece box. Upon removing the lid, a russet orange lining uniquely designed to unfold like a medallion ribbon presents the treasure within. Trust me this basket has it all, from the hefty amounts that you want aligned with beauty and sophistication that is needed.

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