Keepsake Containers-Truly Memorable

When thinking about sending gift baskets whether for birthday gifts, corporate gifts, etc. One is faced with the multitude of gift basket companies out there to chose from, it can be difficult to decide which gifts to send and from which company. Let me clue you with a little insider information as to what makes a gift basket truly special: its container.

For cost purposes, many gift basket companies simply use the cheapest container they can find. The gift basket container may be filled with delicious foods, but what does the recipient have left over after all of the foods have been enjoyed? The container. More importantly, after the foods and snacks are only a distant memory, the container will be the one part of the gift that will make a lasting impression, so why not make it the best gift basket container possible? Why not make it a container that the recipient will actually use again in the home or office as opposed to something that gets thrown into storage only to collect dust until the next garage sale?

That is our goal at GiftTree: to provide you with a gift of high quality food and wine stored within a high quality gift basket container. We go to great lengths to find containers for our gift baskets that we would be proud to use in our own homes or office, and we pass those containers on to our customers. Some of my favorite keepsake containers that we use are:

-Premier Selections: This handsome, top-stitched triple wine case is perfect for storing photos, recipes, paperwork, and more. It is a convenient size for storage in the home or office, plus it looks great, too. Best yet, the case features a serving tray that men find useful for holding their wallet and change on their dresser. Of course, you can also use it for serving, too!

-Around the World Wine Chest: This world map chest is a display piece for any home. It’s attractive, sturdy, and large enough for holding collectibles or toys. With brass and leather accents, it’s almost guaranteed that people will be asking you “Where did you get that handsome chest?” It is definitely one of the most requested containers from our customer base.

-Sonoma Valley Wine Duet: This is the quintessential carrying case for professionals and artists. It is simply gorgeous, plus it is a great size for stowing artwork or legal sized paperwork. The box is decorated with swirling white and gold foil, and also features a removable tray and magnetic closure. Very useful, very attractive, very portable.

-The Crowd Pleaser: It is difficult to tell from the picture because of all of the overflowing food, but this handy container features woven canvas with leather detailing. I gave this gift basket container to my brother one year and it now has a permanent home on his coffee table where it conveniently holds his glasses, wallet, books, and more. It’s simply a great size for holding the unexpected.

-The Toast of Broadway: Speaking of giving, I gave this basket to my mom last year for her birthday. It just so happened that they were re-decorating their kitchen with a classic black and white theme, and the black woven leather container quickly found a proud place on their counter space as a display piece. It’s a nice, large size with ample room for storing any kind of servingware, paperwork, and more.

-The 5th Avenue Wine Gift Basket: This lovely black faux leather tray gets plenty of usage within my own home. It’s perfect for throwing the mail into or for storing up magazines to read. With its elegant simplicity, the top-stitched tray blends in well with any decorating scheme, too.

Those are my favorite keepsake containers, but you only need to search through our website to find many more excellent examples. Hopefully you will see that a GiftTree gift basket is more than just delicious foods: it’s the entire package that counts!

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