Top 8 Unique Gifts

GiftTree really tries to find the most unique products for their gift baskets. From old time nostalgic candy to engraved chopsticks, you can find the most memorable gifts for your family and friends at Here is my list of top unique GiftTree gift baskets and gifts:

1. Get Well Medicine Cabinet. The Get Well Medicine Cabinet is filled with Dr. Hathaway’s Prescribed Jelly Beans, Chewy Sprees, Lemon Drops, and Chocolate covered Sunflower seeds. To complete your kit a Smiley Face Ice Bag from GalPal, Johnson & Johnson Mini First Aid Kit, Ahmad Strawberry Tea, Fuji Bottled Water, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, and Gumi-Aids (band aids in gummy form). This is a gift I would want even if I’m not sick.

2. Engraved Chopsticks. This is definitely a conversation starter. Two pairs of chopsticks are presented in an attractive gift box with two rests. You can engrave a different message on each chopstick. This would be a great addition to a romantic dinner.

3. Seeds of Life Oak Tree Kit. This kit includes an eco friendly pot and saucer (style may vary), Nutritional Soil, Moss, Preconditioned seed to ensure germination, Instruction Booklet, and Decorative packaging. This would be a grand gift to honor someone special in your life. It is an excellent shade tree and will thrive in Zones 3-10.

4. Edible Chocolate Box. Almost everything in this gift is edible. The chocolate used in this gift is made from organic cream and butter. The box is decorated with snowflakes and stars. The individual confection flavors include 2 each of: Fleur de Sel Caramels, Bittersweet Chocolate Peanut Butterflies, Gold Star Milk Chocolate Caramel, and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butterflies.

5. Cat’s Meow Travel Bowl. I have never seen anything quite like this. The Cat’s Meow Travel Bowl contains a cute black and white tote with two stainless steel travel cat bowls. This is a purr-fect gift for traveling cats.

6. Engraved Garden Sundial. The Engrave Garden Sundial is made of durable, rust-free acrylic with a weathered verdigris finish, the sundial can withstand the toughest of weather conditions. This gift can be personalized with up to 12 characters of text.

7. Feng Shui Birthday Box. This unique gift includes:
• Paper Firecrackers-stimulate good luck for the year
• Faceted Crystal – Attracts positive Chi Engergy
• Bagua Shaped Mirror – Place where needed to deflect negative Chi
• Scented Pillow – Adorned with Chinese Endless Knot (the symbol for longevity), brings positive energy and vitality
• Dragon – The powerful symbol of strength, energy, and protection
• Coin Globe – Hang from a doorknob to bring in prosperity
• Pair of Fu Dogs – These symbols of protection should be placed on either side of the front door
• Jade Pendant with Chinese Knot – For protection and good luck
• Lucky Red Wish Envelope with Blank Paper – Desires for health, wealth and happiness should be written and placed inside the envelope with intentions firmly in mind

8. Antique Replica Pub Game with Merlot. This gift includes an antique replica of the game “Shut-the-Box.” Shut-the-Box has been a game favored by sailors and fishermen for centuries. The gift also includes a bottle of BV Century Cellars

  1. May the coming year be a positive opportunity, better life and a more fruitful year to you and your family. Happy New Year ^_^

  2. Nice list of unique gifts but i like fengshui birthday gift box

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