‘Tis the Season

Is there any time of year more exciting than Christmas? Decorations are going up, stores are offering huge discounts, and people seem to be in a better mood overall, don’t they? Everywhere you look there are packages and boxes and gift baskets galore, each one seemingly bigger & better than the one before and all of them screaming “Pick me! Pick me!” As if holiday stress is not a big enough problem this time of year, lets add a little more pressure in picking out the gift itself! But could you honestly imagine Christmas without the hustle and bustle, the last minute dash for wrapping paper and Scotch tape and stocking stuffers? It’s almost as if our stress has defined the holiday itself hasn’t it?

Well let me tell you how Christmas gift baskets can help alleviate some of the stress in picking out the “perfect” gift for that finicky aunt or persnickety in-law. First of all, you can never go wrong with gift baskets, because they contain presents upon presents upon presents all contained within one big present. Ingenious you say? I think the idea should catch on in the jewelry business but that’s another Christmas wish list all in itself. Could you imagine what gift baskets from the jeweler would look like? Oh I can barely contain myself! Ok, back to that finicky aunt. No matter what her tastes in furniture or dinnerware are, she is sure to be pleased with one of the gift baskets offered in our Christmas gift baskets section. Sending her something like Santa’s Candy Sleigh is a sure fire way to put you at the top of her list for next year. The sleigh itself is the basket (clever huh?) and it is loaded with individually wrapped candies that are disguised as presents. You can have a personalized message embossed on the ribbon too so she’ll know you actually thought of her on a more personal level. This sleigh is not just perfect for your finicky aunt it’s a gift that covers a multitude of gift giving.

While getting presents for your friends and family is intended to be a joyous affair, lots of us wind up stressed and burned out by the time it’s over. Why?

  • Time commitments. Christmastime is full of parties and get-togethers, and squeezing in time to shop can be stressful.
  • The crowds. There’s nothing like shopping shoulder-to-shoulder with a store full of other stressed-out people trying to get presents.
  • The prices. Stores offer big discounts, yes, but by the time you are done shopping, your credit card is smoldering from overuse.
  • The choices. Certain members of your family, or certain friends, may be incredibly picky and difficult to shop for, causing you constant stress while you try to figure out what would be the best gift for him or her.

The solution? How about a Christmas gift basket? Gift baskets are a fun way of showing appreciation for the people in your life – and it can be full of items that your loved one can appreciate, such as wine, chocolates, fruits, cakes, and other delicious treats.

And the beauty of it all? GiftTree.com can ship them to you, or directly to your loved one! Through our service, you can get a beautiful Christmas gift basket arranged, wrapped, and shipped without leaving the comfort of your home. Leave the hustle and bustle of the crowds behind. Spend your time doing something you want to do (like relaxing!). And save a little bit of money on those impulse purchases. Buy a Christmas gift basket from our store today, and show appreciation to your loved ones without complicating your life

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