Wine Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

At this time of year we get a lot of questions regarding which wine gifts and gift baskets to purchase for special friends or clients, especially those who know quite a bit about wine. And at times it can be difficult to know which type of wine or wine gift to buy for a friend or family member who is just beginning to explore wine. Below are our top 5 gifts with which you simply can’t go wrong for either type of wine drinker:

1) Wine. Really good wine, on its own or in a gift basket. Typically people judge wine based on price, ratings, vineyard recognition, and appearance. Depending upon the personality of the recipient, you may want to stick with a famous brand name such as Caymus Cabernet. For the more adventuring type, send them something rare that you know they won’t have in their cellar, such as a Limited Release Bergstrom Pinot Noir. For those who are just beginning to try fine wines, this gift will come as a welcome surprise.

2) A corkscrew they can’t live without. Wine keys are the most popular type of corkscrews, yet their small knives for cutting foil wear down quickly. Surprise them this year instead with a corkscrew that can rarely be store bought, such as our Silver Rabbit Corkscrew, which features professional weight for smoother function, as well as an extra spiral and foil cutter. This particular corkscrew is estimated to last for over 10,000 openings, which is quite a few bottles of wine. We also offer superb wine keys in several of our wine gift baskets.

3) Varietal specific glasses. While it is easy to get carried away with having a specific glass for every type of wine, it sure is fun to drink a Pinot out a glass specifically designed to open up the wine and give the sipper the full flavor of the fruit. There are also stemless glasses and other fun styles that go far beyond the standard “red wine glass” or “white wine glass.”

4) A display-worthy decanter. Take for instance our Peugeot Wine Decanter with Engraved Pewter Base. It’s timeless and elegant, yet serves a great purpose for wine drinkers: aerating young wines and removing sediment from older wines. It looks great displayed on any table, bar, or sideboard, making it the ideal two-for-one decorative yet utilitarian gift.

5) A clever way to transport their wine. No sound is worse than an expensive bottle that has somehow become dislodged from its holding and is now rolling around the back seat of your car.  Set them up with a wine tote to prevent such disastrous scenarios. We (of course) just happen to carry the perfect one and it comes with premium wines and wine tools: our Double Wine Tote with Wine & Accessories.

I hope that I was able to provide you with some unique gift ideas for the connoisseur on your list. Just remember that any wine gift or wine gift basket you give to a wine enthusiast will always be savored and appreciated. Also remember that any wine gift that you buy is always a valuable learning experience for yourself since there is always more to learn in the vast world of wine!

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