Corporate Gift Giving for Every Budget

One of my corporate customers called me this week looking for some good deals on corporate gift baskets. With the economy looking the way it is, he explained that the gift baskets had to look totally awesome AND be inexpensive since his budget had been slashed. Then he wanted to know if any type of personalization could be done, if a custom card could be included and if the baskets could be separated into tiers. Naturally I told him yes. Doing gift baskets like this is a normal part of my every day work here at GiftTree!

He mentioned what so many customers have on their minds right now; the economy. It’s hard not to watch the news, pick up a paper or take a trip to the local grocery store without feeling the effects of rising costs and soaring inflation. Even though gas prices are down and sales are going on everywhere, many people have tightened their belts and are more cautious with their spending. We are a little more careful with our cash and credit cards and rightfully so. We are looking to get the best deal we possibly can for every item we purchase. It’s been my experience that not everyone is looking for something free, but everyone is looking for something better, so no matter what it turns out to be that we spend our money on, we all want the most our money can buy us.

Now, enter the holidays. Many people I’ve talked to this year are operating on tighter budgets, but that doesn’t have to mean fewer gifts. It simply means making more informed choices. There are so many gift baskets to pick from on our website, that there simply isn’t enough room to write about them here. Some of the items we offer here are one of a kind and so unique that you’d be hard pressed to find them elsewhere (and at our great prices!) Whether you are looking for whimsical, elegant, stylish, modern, old fashioned or highfalutin, you can find it here and then some.

One of my all time holiday favorites that keeps the budget in mind is the Classic Wine Duet, a nice pairing of wines and gourmet foods for the fantastic price of $44.95. This is one inexpensively elegant looking gift and I’m not just saying that because I work here. It gets the highest raves and comments from customers who are looking for a gift that includes wine. The packaging is gorgeous and just like every gift we offer, there is that famous guarantee and great customer service. You can personalize it with a satin ribbon that has your message printed on it as well, and we can ship it out the same day you order it or hold it for a later date of your choosing. Either way, we offer quite a variety of services and prices for every budget. Even a slashed budget can find some great gifts to give this holiday season!

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