Ten Gift Giving Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Lost in a sea of gifts and unsure what to buy for that special someone who seems to have it all, or having trouble finding corporate gifts? These ten gift giving solutions are classic ways to send a gift in which you can be confident will be appreciated, no matter whom the recipient.

1) Customize your gift. Everyone loves seeing their own name or monogram on a product, plus customized gifts, by their very nature, show that you put special thought into your purchase. Consider engraved plaques or hang tags with keepsake value, or perhaps an embossed ribbon to send a personalized message.

2) Send the gift of food or wine. Everyone (I know, at least) loves to partake in eating and drinking, so why not give a gift that you know will be happily consumed? It’s always a good idea to send something that you would like to receive personally in order to ensure quality. If you do know a person’s taste in wine or food, be sure to try to appease their distinct craving.

3) Overshoot the mark. If you know that your wife or girlfriend likes yellow roses, send two dozen yellow roses! If you know of a favorite type of wine, buy the recipient an entire case of it. Overshooting the mark makes a big statement with little work required and shows that you noticed their likes and dislikes.

4) Give a gift certificate or gift card to a preferred retailer.  This gift giving solution allows the recipient to buy what they want – every time. Studies have shown that the recipient will typically spend a little of their own money when using a gift card, but I consider this money to be guilt-free…

5) Consider a charitable donation. Donating to a charity in someone’s name maximizes tax benefits and provides the personal satisfaction that comes with giving to those in need. Of all of the gifts and holiday gifts available, this solution is especially poignant during the vast consumerism of the holiday season.

6) Give a gift related to a hobby or pet. Once again, demonstrating that you are in tune with a person’s likes or dislikes ranks your gift high on an appreciation level. Giving even something small like tennis balls to the tennis enthusiast or a new dog toy to a pet owner can earn rave reviews.

7) Go eco-friendly. Giving an organic gift or a gift made of sustainable resources shows you care about the recipient and the earth, which is always a nice sentiment in these times in which we live. Practically any gift from towels to food to personal care products can have organic or sustainable considerations, so the options are limitless.

8 ) Send something for the home. In the winter months when most of us are stuck inside, a inventive gift for the home is always appreciated. Consider a unique piece of art or something winter related such as our Aromatic Fire Starter Kit.

9) A small get-away. Treating the recipient to a night at a bed and breakfast or nearby travel spot gives the recipient a gift they might feel too guilty to splurge on themselves. Most small towns have at least one quaint inn where visitors are welcomed like guests in a home. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce or look on the web for a package deal.

10) Tickets. Similarly, tickets to an event or concert are a great gift to give someone who might be feeling overspent during the holiday season. Lift tickets for skiing are also a wonderful gift, as well are sporting event tickets.

In close, people who have it all are not looking for the rest of us to give them gifts of more things. Instead, for those who have it all and even for those who don’t, giving a gift that shows you care and shows your thoughtfulness will be a cherished gift to not be forgotten.

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  1. I love this fire starter kit! For Christmas that is what I will be purchasing for my father as a gift. I think you can’t get any better with a gift basket..

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