Appreciation with a Professional Flair

Corporate gifts and gift baskets are a great way to thank that long-time client of yours for their repeated business, a good way to sway the interest of potential buyers, or perhaps reward your employees for a blockbuster year full of their hard work. Keeping clients and company workers, vendors or other helpers happy is a crucial element in business isn’t it? Corporate gift giving is an easy way to let your team know how much you appreciate their business, and it is less expensive than you might think. With corporate gift baskets, you need to accomplish two things: professionalism and appreciation. Because this is a business-related gift, you can’t give anything incredibly flashy, or something offensive that might be inappropriate for the workplace. At the same time, you don’t want to send something so bland that the person who receives it feels nothing in response. Corporate gift baskets fit this bill. Although an official rulebook on corporate gifting has not appeared on the scene, here are a few guidelines to remember in selecting your corporate gifts.

  • If you are giving to a client or potential client, check with their company first to make sure they allow corporate gifting.
  • A corporate gift should not be a personal gift, as this may tend to offend some clients or employees of the company.
  • Corporate gift giving should be kept within your company’s budget for sure, but try to avoid saving money by purchasing “cheap” items like pens or magnets that last about an hour and are quickly forgotten about.
  • Gifts should make the recipient feel good. Give gifts that cost about the same price across the board.
  • When in doubt as to whether or not a company condones alcoholic beverages as gifts, it is best to err on the side of caution and send a non-alcoholic gift.

Our baskets are complete with the finest gifts: good wines, delectable chocolates, and an assortment of other delicious treats and fruits. Anyone with a love for a good glass of wine complemented by chocolates that melt in their mouth will appreciate gift baskets like these. In addition, these baskets also serve the intended purpose of being professional. There is also a vast array of gifts that do not include alcohol, as well as gifts that can be personalized with your company’s name or logo. The sky really is the limit when it comes to your corporate gift giving!

Our most popular corporate gift baskets are draped in classy, business colors, such as basic black. The presentation becomes appropriate for even the biggest of corner offices, and no detail is spared in the creation of the gifts themselves. Using the highest quality in baskets, and basic, subdued colors gives the impression that this is not for flashy showmanship and brown nosing, but a genuine act of kindness from one business to another. The contents of the baskets are for the simplest and yet most refined palates with everything from caviar & smoked salmon, to Phoenician pastries and world renowned chocolates. There is something for everyone to enjoy in our corporate gift baskets, and something for every budget as well.

The next time you are looking for a gift for someone around the office or someone you do business with, consider a corporate gift basket from There are plenty of options available for you to choose from – a basket for every taste. We will help you choose the perfect gift basket that your colleague or associate would be proud to keep on their desk, keeping you in their minds as they go about their business.

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