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Personalized gifts have long been at the center of gift giving. Giving gift baskets that reflect a piece of yourself or a piece of the receiver are some of the best gifts to receive of all! I remember as a child, I would make things in school to bring home as presents for special occasions or just because. There were Mayday baskets filled with flowers, Mothers Day baskets filled with special pictures and doodads I’d deemed worthy enough to be included, and Arbor Day trees in Dixie cups. There was always an experimental plant, (remember the bean sprout or the avocado?) or something done in clay to last a lifetime. I still remember my youngest son making clay impressions of both of his hands in kindergarten and being ingenious enough to put a loop at the top before it was baked. He then took a long black leather strap and tied a huge knot in it and presented it to me for Christmas as a necklace. It felt like 40 pounds of lead as I slipped it around my neck, but the pride in his eyes was priceless. That same son also made a Christmas tree topper out of paper towel tubes and glued a red nose, googly eyes and a rope with a bell around the neck of it. This will be the 20th Christmas that the “twisted Rudolph” has adorned the top of our tree! I’ve received a lot of presents since then, but it’s these kinds of things I tend to remember the most. Why? It’s because they are both personal and special.

What is it though that makes a present special? Some people think that the more money you spend on the gift, the more special it becomes – the bigger the statement you are making. Some feel that it’s special if it is “cutting edge”, like technology and so on. Some even feel that you should buy something that you would normally buy for yourself, and still there are those that insist that homemade gift baskets are the best. (This is certainly true, unless you are creatively challenged and don’t know that a jar of bath salts and a lavender scented candle aren’t a great addition to a cookie basket!)

What makes a gift special, all depends on who is receiving it and who is sending it. For example, any gift baskets from loved ones and dear friends contain different meanings than ones that may come from say, your co-workers or your neighbors. We generally give gifts to show someone how much they mean to us, or to show appreciation for all they’ve done. When your mom sends you a gift basket full of chicken soup and tea, it is totally different than when your boss sends you the same basket isn’t it? I mean, mom’s gift baskets are world renowned for their mysterious and magical healing properties, and besides…it’s from MOM! This makes it a personal gift to you and you are much more inclined to feel soft & mushy about it. The same gift from your boss though equally appreciated, does not have a personal connotation to it like the one from mom, and does not give you the soft and mushy feeling that mom’s did. In my opinion, what makes a gift personal is who it is from and what their relationship is to you.

Now, a personalized gift basket is a whole other great option. With personalized gift baskets, you can avoid just buying them something generic and really focus in on their needs. Or with a personalized message, you are able to gear it directly to them. You can put a small gift or two in the basket that they would absolutely love, or you can personalize it in so many other ways it’s really quite amazing. What are some of the ways you can personalize your gift or gift baskets?

  • Add engraved items to the gift basket or look for a gift that can be engraved. A bottle of wine for example, becomes a little more personal when you have an anniversary date etched onto it.
  • Look for gifts that allow you to emboss something personal such as “Happy 25th Anniversary Mom & Dad!”
  • If you are sending a gift from your business to another business, consider having your logo added to the gift. This is a great way to keep your business name at the forefront while still generating goodwill.

At a time when cookie-cutter gift baskets seem to be inundating the market, it’s nice to know you can still find great gifts at great prices with great ways to personalize them. Why just send them a gift when you can send them something memorable instead?

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