A Gift Basket for Every Wine Lover

There are many of people who enjoy savoring a nice glass of wine, but, as you may already know, not all wine drinkers are created equal. Fortunately GiftTree.com has a wine gift basket for each kind of wine personality and style. From high-end gift baskets to simple and elegant gift crates, GiftTree’s gifts
can be tailored to each unique recipient. Below you’ll find gift basket recommendations for each type of wine drinker:

  • The Casual Wine Drinker. This type of drinker doesn’t seem to care how much a bottle of wine costs – in fact, they usually drink bottles of wine that are $10 or less, and they don’t really notice much of a difference in taste or quality. In this case, a gift basket with a couple of nice, but affordable bottles of wine in a gorgeous presentation will be enough to adequately delight and impress them.
  • The Wine Pairing Expert. This wine drinker enjoys complementing a glass of wine with fine foods, savory dinners, decadent desserts, gourmet crackers, aged cheeses, and artisan chocolates to bring out the wine’s best flavors. We have a large selection of wine gift baskets created with this particular wine lover in mind. A gift basket with a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers or perhaps a chocolate lover’s delight with a range of dark to white chocolates can be chosen specifically for a wine that accompanies a gift basket, the aim being to please every last taste bud.
  • The Fine Wine Drinker. Everybody knows one – the drinker that knows his or her stuff (or at least thinks he or she does). This person knows the ins and outs of every region that produces wine and the details on the grapes that make it. When discussing wine with this person, you will hear words like “terroir,” “mouthfeel,” and “palate.” Not only is their terminology up to snuff, but they can offer a dissertation on the different fruit flavors that can be found in a single sip of a wine. For these wine connoisseurs, GiftTree gift baskets contain some of the finest wines in the world, such as Opus One and Caymus Cabernet Special Selection. Wines like these immediately impress a fine wine drinker.
  • The Name Brand Drinker. This wine drinker prefers to drinks wines that he or she knows by name and visual recognition, as well as vineyard reputation. A classic example would be Beringer. Known as “the darling of Napa Valley,” Beringer wines can be counted on for consistent quality and value. For this type of wine drinker, look for a gift basket that features a name brand wine that you have seen the person drinking before or heard them reference in past conversation.
  • The Experimentalist. This seasoned wine drinker most likely has a developed palate and is willing to try out small vineyard vintages, different varietals, and foreign wines with which they are not familiar. The Experimentalist will be able to detect subtle nuances in new wines, and will delight in the experience of it. When buying for this type of wine drinker, go outside the mold or purchase a wine gift that is a limited edition run from a smaller or less well known winery, such as Limited Release Bergstrom Pinot Noir.

In closing, analyze your wine-drinking friends by their home bars or cellars, their wine choices at restaurants, and the wine they serve at dinner parties, and see which wine lover category they fall under. Once you have figured that out, deciding on a wine gift basket to fit their desires should be a piece of cake!

  1. I agree with your ideas on your blog. I send out letters to corporations offering my gift baskets to them at a discount for larger orders. Works great!

    Great Blog!


  2. Nice blog Amy..I know all of these types!

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