The Longevity of the Fruit Basket

The idea of presenting gift baskets has been around for a long time. Back in the day, items were collected and placed into baskets and offered to family, friends and neighbors. They were usually cherished items such as fruits, breads and nuts. Even in the art world, gift baskets were illustrated in paintings or used as the subject of the artwork itself. Who would have thought that today the idea of offering gift baskets would have become so elaborate? I tell you whoever invented the idea was truly a creative genius! There are so many themes you can cover in one simple basket, that the possibilities are virtually endless. You can create a unique one of a kind basket that is all of your own making, or you can shop around for something along more traditional lines. Take fruit baskets for example. It has long been an option for gifts, especially around the holidays. Businesses send them to their corporate clients, long-lost relatives ship them to each other, and fruit baskets have long been the symbol of sending good will during the time of mourning a lost loved one. But what is it about the fruit basket that has kept it a relevant gift choice after all these years? Here are a few reasons:

1. It’s a healthy option. People today are concerned about their health and aware of their dietary needs. Fruit is often neglected in many people’s diets, so a fruit basket is a great way of helping someone else eat a little healthier, especially to combat holiday feasts full of fats and cholesterol, and holiday treats that are packed with sugars.
2. It’s got something for everyone. Everybody has different tastes, and when you are trying to find a gift for an entire family, or an office of coworkers, you need to satisfy everybody and make them happy. The variety of a fruit gift basket makes it ideal for these situations. Most people like fruit, but they usually like different kinds of fruit. With a gift basket filled with different fruits, you can be pretty certain that everyone will walk away with something that they like.
3. It is convenient. Shopping around certain holidays means braving unruly crowds and standing in checkout lines for hours. Ordering a fruit basket means a simple phone call or the click of a mouse. No muss, no fuss.
4. It is cost-effective. Buying gifts for big groups can also get costly, especially if you do individual gifts. A gift basket means one low price and a gift that can get passed around the office to everybody.
5. It brings people together. A communal gift such as fruit baskets can be placed in a central location in an office or home, and people can gather around it when they want to enjoy a bite. There they can share laughs and stories while thinking of the nice gesture you made.

So, when you are looking for that perfect gift come the holidays remember all of these great benefits and send a time-less fruit basket!

  1. It is really great gift basket. This gift looks good and main thing is that it is a healthy gift…

  2. Penny, you write the best blogs! You should have a newspaper column. :)

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