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Kathy Pease Says:
July 22nd, 2008 at 10:04 am
Is it better to buy a gift or give cash to teens for birthdays?

Sandy – Customer Service Representative
One thing’s for sure and that is that you can NEVER go wrong with money. It is nice to find something that fits the personality of the teen you are sending to, like music from their favorite band, a movie that they would like, etc.

Netta- Business Development Assistant

I think for teens cash or a gift card is a great way to go, just because I remember when I was a teenager how much I shopped! My friends and I were always at the mall, and there was nothing better then actually being able to get something. On the other hand, I also remember when adults would give me gifts that I didn’t even know I wanted. Like a book or game that I had never been exposed to. It was an oppurtunity to expand my horizons. It really does depend on your teen, look at the activities they are involved in and base your decision on that.

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  1. You can never go wrong with money, in my opinion. If you don’t know exactly what gift your teen is hoping for, cash is the best way to go! I’m still young enough that I get money from my family when they’re stumped… and I always enjoy it just as much as gifts that were hand picked for me, because it means that I get to go out and pick something that I have had my eye on, treat myself to a pedicure, or just have extra spending money in my purse for a rainy day. A great way to give money or gift card without feeling “too impersonal” is to attach a loving note along with it explaining that they get to pick their gift this time. It brings a lot of meaning forward, and you won’t have to carry around the guilty feelings and hope they don’t think you didn’t spend time choosing something for them. Everyone wins!

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