Santa’s Favorites From Around the World

Okay, so if you haven’t noticed, Christmas is all abuzz around here, and our Christmas gift baskets and Christmas gifts are all the rage! I’ve never worked at a place that embraces the holidays with such intensity, but I’m a pretty intense person so to put it mildly, I kinda dig it! I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to spoil my friends and family with gifts that I already know are great. You know there is always that fear that when you purchase something, especially for someone else, it’s just not going to live up to the expectations you had set for it. Not with our gift baskets, as all the employees around here will tell you, YUMMY! We are always pleasantly surprised with how delicious our gourmet products are, and are so proud to give them.

It’s really hard for me to decide on a favorite, but I’ll tell you about one that I think is just plain fun, the Santa’s Favorites From Around the World. In true holiday fashion, we have gathered all of Santa’s favorites, presented them in a story like fashion, then gathered them all up in a stylish, map covered trunk! Filled with wines, sweets, savories, and 12 coffees from around the world, you’ll have fun looking at where all your goodies came from. After you have devoured all the worldy goods you can use the trunk as a storage case for all your holiday ribbons, or maybe ornament. Then when you pull the trunk out to once again prepare for the holidays it will be filled and will hopefully fill you with holiday memories.

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  1. I love your website and your products.

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