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Danielle Jensen – Customer Service Representative

Has someone that you know recently had a new baby? Do you want to get them something meaningful AND from the heart? Then consider the Engraved Baby Shoe Keepsake.

This cute, little shoe can be given with the birth date of the tiny recipient engraved on the heart shaped tag, and an endearing saying, a small, meaningful quote, or simply the name of the baby engraved on the sole of the shoe. In the last few years I have welcomed many new baby’s, including my own! I know for my friends and I, the things we cherish are the little things that someone thoughtfully purchased and had personalized. What better way to capture an important event in life than to have it “Set in Stone,” or silver in this case! This little shoe could be kept and passed down as a heirloom so that even the child can cherish in later years and share it with their own children.

One gift, yet so many ways to use it, give it, and cherish it! Not to mention you will always come to mind when they see this sweet, little shoe.

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  1. Great Blog Danielle and I love that little boot myself!

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