Wine Talks to Me

Guest Blogger: Amy H.

I’d like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Wine! Wine and I have become very close lately. Our relationship started out simple. I have to admit, in the beginning, I was a bit nervous when we first met. I didn’t really know what to say or how to act around Wine. It seemed like everyone else knew Wine so well, and that was intimidating. However, I realized I liked Wine so much that it didn’t matter what other people thought, and I decided to get to know Wine at my own pace. The more time I spent with Wine and the questions I asked, the more Wine began opening up to me. Wine introduced me to a whole new world of experiences. I now realize that my relationship with Wine has become somewhat of a crush (pun intended).

Please don’t worry, I am a stable person. And just because I talk to Wine and refer to Wine in third person, doesn’t mean I’m a lush. I prefer to think of myself as an “enthusiast”! I’ll even admit that, sometimes, I do catch myself daydreaming about Wine. I just so look forward to Wine. Wine has so much character. Wine makes me laugh. I love preparing meals with Wine and Wine always compliments my cooking. Wine is also great socially. Wine makes great conversation and really knows how to make people relax. Whenever I’m invited to parties or small gatherings, I know that my friends look forward to my bringing Wine, and almost expect it. Everyone looks forward to Wine. Therefore, I realize that I could never keep Wine all for myself. Wine must be enjoyed by all!

Admitting that I talk to my wine, I think makes it pretty clear how much I love to enjoy wine. What may not be so surprising now is that I also love to give wine. Of the many amazing gifts here at GiftTree, the Engraved Columbia Crest Syrah is my most favorite wine gift to give. I love to give wine in general, as housewarming gifts, as gifts for a host or hostess, as thank you gifts, congratulations gifts, and just because gifts. I know that giving the gift of wine is not only a warm and welcomed gesture for any occasion; it is a gift of a sensory experience. The flavor, aroma and texture of each and every sip can introduce a new observation of awareness. The Columbia Crest Syrah is already a fabulous bottle of wine. Being able to etch a personal message directly onto the bottle takes the overall concept of giving wine to a profound new level of generosity and thoughtfulness. The engraved message could commemorate special events, such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries, or, convey any personal note. Whether the recipient chooses to enjoy the contents right away or preserve it for aging, the bottle may be displayed and treasured as a keepsake. I encourage you to introduce your family and friends to Wine, and discover how good it feels to give a gift that makes a truly memorable impression.

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  1. Great post! Very clever :)

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