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Working here at GiftTree, customers often ask us for advice on what gifts we feel they should send, especially corporate clients. We have such a vast selection of corporate gift baskets, it really is hard to choose. There is always The Corporate Clincher, or the very extravagant Chairman’s Choice Gift Basket, but my personal favorite is the Vintage Wine Barrel for Executives. It just exudes upper echelon class. To start off, it is filled with three great wines. One being made by the 2008 Winery of the Year, as chosen at the Winestar awards, held by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Secondly, gourmet foods meant to complement the wine were chosen to accompany. Then too make the gift as well planned out as a good business proposal, it contains all the tools necessary to open, pour, and stopper the wines all held neatly together with their own little black leather case.

Finally, the most unique factor in this particular gift, in my opinion, is the hand crafted wooden barrel that all the gourmet selections are presented in. Once all the items are enjoyed and gone, the beautiful, dark barrel can be used to hold umbrellas, or as a planter for a small tree or flower. The possiblities for re-use are endlessly creative. If you want to add that pista resistance, you can have a brass plate personalized by selecting either an elegant three character monogram, or one or two lines of a small message. The brass plate is then anchored on the lid of the barrel, finishing off this well planned out gift. Whether you are establishing long term client relationships or creating valuable corporate connections, this gift basket is sure to leave a lasting impression that you will make you proud.

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  1. I too think this is a very classy looking gift!

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