“Trick” or Treat

When I think of the month of October the first thing that comes to my mind, as I’m sure it does for everyone else, is Halloween. Some people look forward to candy, some for the hot, new, trendy costumes, but not me. I look forward to the pranks!!! HA HA HA (evil laugh). Although my family does not celebrate the holiday itself, we still love to mess with trick-or-treaters and even with each other. One Halloween we had a trick-or-treater come in and before he could say trick or treat, my brother beat him to it and that poor kid had to give up his candy. At the time it was so funny but now that I think of it, poor kid!

One of my favorite small tricks is to take a fake spider and hide it in the palm of your hand, and when your unsuspecting friends walks by, extend your hand, and say “look what I caught!” Oh.. watch them scream!! If you have a girlfriend who is afraid of spiders, this will be perfect! Or even better, spook your loved ones with one of the Halloween floral arrangements that we carry, like the Spooktacular Surprise. Or send a yummy treat like our ghoulishly, good looking Halloween Boo Berries. It might not be so spooky but she/he will sure know that you’re thinking of them on this holiday. Good luck with your pranks and stay safe!!

  1. I got dressed up one year and my own dogs growled and barked at me and attacked my cape! I went to this party with a ripped cape but on Halloween nobody even notices that kind of stuff. I think it’s fun to scare people but you gotta be careful who you do this to!

  2. How much fun would the Boo Berries be to serve at a Halloween party? I cannot wait to try these ghost and goblins, YUMMY!

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