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As adults the Christmas season seems to come so fast. That’s why I am excited about the new Christmas Gift Baskets that GiftTree has come out with this year. The selection is great and I really don’t think I’ll have any problems doing my shopping! But remember back when you were a kid and you just could not wait for Christmas? The days seemed never ending! Each year in Elementary School, one of our class projects was to make an Advent Calendar. The most memorable one we made was a cut out of Santa Claus’ face. The beard was covered with squares containing number coinciding with the days of the month.  And as each day passed in December, I would glue a cotton ball to Santa’s beard that coordinating with that day of the month. It was awesome as a kid, but what to do as an adult? GiftTree has an Advent Calendar for adults! It’s the Moonstruck Advent Calendar, so now you can count down the days to Christmas by enjoying a new chocolate truffle each day. That’s way better than gluing cotton balls to some construction paper!

  1. “On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me”….chocolate. Now we know why they’re the true love!

  2. I love this gift! When I was a kid, we did Advent Calendars and I would ALWAYS buy the ones with chocolate in it, and even if the chocolate was horrible I didn’t care, I always ate it. :) I’m going to buy this, but I will probably be fighting with my kids over the truffles each day! Maybe I’ll just hide it! Just kidding…. kind of.

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