Bosses Day

There are so many Holidays that have seemed to pop up in the last century that were non-existent back in the ice age…(smug laugh). Bosses Day is one of them. I have recently become a boss and was surprised by the people in my department who made it a special day for me! Not only did they get me gifts they also played a pretty funny prank on me. I guess I had that one coming :) I sometimes wonder if those same people know how much I appreciate them too?? Maybe someday there will be an employee appreciation day, until then I will have to come up with my own ideas. Thank you to everyone who helped make Tuesday and Wednesday fun and for making me feel appreciated. As for the prank…. You better watch your backs! And hey- what’s with the part about “dents in the rear end,” all about????

  1. Innocent people in the customer service department????

  2. I’m always getting blamed for this kind of stuff! I’m innocent I tell you, innocent!

  3. Hey, hey, hey.. do you see any horns? I’m an angel!!

  4. I would have to agree, she was awfully quick to blame Penny.

  5. Luba sounds kind of guilty if you ask me! Hmmm…

  6. It was all Penny, I had NOTHING to do with it!!

  7. O.K who ever thought this up, genius, pure genius! Too funny.

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