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Stacey Lawrence-Customer Service Representative

I used to think I didn’t like fall.  The child in me saw the end of summer freedom.  The student in me dreaded going back to school.  The outdoor adventurist in me knew the rain was coming and I’d be limited to mostly indoor explorations.

I’m an adult now, no longer the student, and not quite the explorer I once was.  Instead, I fancy myself a fashionista, an artist, sociologist, and so much more.  And that translates into many opportunities to cherish all.

-The fashionista in me loves fall for the new boots and heavy skirts. The warm, snuggly sweaters, and the hats and scarves to accessorize with.
-The couch-potato in me is delighted with all the new TV shows, and new episode of my old favorites.
-The artist in me stares in amazement at the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows on the trees and shrubs.
-The people-watcher in me finds the coffee shop full of interesting activities to observe.
-The lazy bum in me can’t wait for drizzly Saturday afternoons to snuggle up with a hot mug of cocoa and a good book, with a cozy fire in the fireplace.
-The crafty-mom in me looks forward to creating fun and crazy Halloween costumes for my kids.
-And the procrastinator in me gets to put off doing yard work, since it seems to start raining every time I go to grab my garden gloves.

I really do love Fall.

  1. Those cold, sunny days are my favorite as well!

  2. I love fall too! It’s definitely my favorite time of year, I love the cold crisp sunny days, the colorful leaves, and the anticipation of holidays to come!

  3. I love fall especially the month of October. Leaves turn colors and the weather gets colder, I happen to be a sweater person 😀
    My most favorite thing to do is also people watch downtown Portland. Sit in Pioneer Place and just watch them with my coffee to keep me company 😀
    So I get you there Stacey

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