A Race for the Cure

Recently GiftTree participated in one of the most popular events here in the Northwest, The Race for the Cure. I’m a person that is not as involved in the community as I would like to be so when I received the e-mail asking if I would like to participate, I quickly took the opportunity to sign up. The morning of the race I started to get doubts about participating. I had 100 different excuses as to why I didn’t need or want to go. I finally forced myself to get up and meet my fellow co-workers and I tell you I’m so happy I did.

I saw so many young kids walking with their families and on some of the backs of their shirts it read, “In Loving Memory of my Mom,” or “I Miss my Mommy.” It was heart breaking! I then told myself if my $25 entrance fee covered even part of the cost of a mammogram, then it made it well worth the effort. I also realized that even though it made me sad to see those who had lost their loved ones I only had to endure the sadness for the few hours, they have to live it on a daily basis. I will forever feel honored that I was asked to share in their experience.

October being Breast Cancer awareness month, GiftTree has dedicated some of our products to the people and loved ones that have been effected by breast cancer. One of my favorite gifts is A Rosy Outlook. Flowers always cheer me up, it puts a smile on my face, so I’m sure it will make your loved one smile too.

  1. This was GiftTree’s 2nd time participating as a group and we plan to do it each year. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Race for the Cure, either by walking or donating.

  2. My mom is a breast cancer survivor, so I have participated in that walk several times, and everytime it amazes me! You feel so many different things at once.. Sad for the family of lost loved ones, happy for the survivors, overwhelmed at the outpour of support everyone is showing by coming together… it’s really a truly amazing experience.

  3. Wow..what a touching and well thought out post. I share your sentiments exactly and I’m always so grateful for those who pave the way for others. It was an honor to have been there!

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