What To Be Now That I Am Grown Up

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m so excited. It is such a great holiday. Halloween is all about dressing up, having fun and of course, candy! Growing up, I was really into trick-or-treating. My Grandma used to make my costumes for me, so that was a fun activity we used to do together. My all time favorite costume was some kind of clown (the name escapes me right now). It was black and white and my face was painted black and white. I was so excited to show everyone my costume, but every house I came to, asked me if I was a Mime. I remember getting so frustrated that no one knew what I was! I came home with a ton of candy, so I guess it didn’t really matter anyway. I’ve also been Dorothy, a cat, a witch, a pumpkin… There are just too many to remember!
I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in quite a few years. I usually just stay home and watch scary movies, but I was invited to a costume party this year. I don’t have any costume ideas. Do you have any good ideas? Any memorable costumes you wore that might help me out?

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween Everyone!

  1. Be a tornado. Take garbage bags and make it into a funnel, like with different sized hula hoops and something to keep it up on your shoulders. Then put stuff all over the bag, like barbie dolls, hot wheel cars, random garbage, etc. You might not be able to sit down all night, but we have to sacrifice to look good, right?

  2. Halloween is so fun!! I actually never really dressed up after I stopped trick-or-treating when I was a kid, but my husband and I decided to last year for a Halloween party and it was so much fun!! We are definitely going to do it again this year, it really got me into the spirit and the kids loved it too. :) Anyway, I suggest going to a party store near you, they have AMAZING costumes out and you’ll find so many ideas!

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