Personalized Gifts are More Meaningful to Give and Receive

Guest Blogger: Amy H.

I have always been a big fan of personalized gifts. Being able to add your own message directly onto a gift that you’ve chosen especially for someone, makes what could otherwise be an ordinary object, into something memorable and sentimental. Now that we’re adding many new ways to personalize our gifts here at GiftTree, I am overflowing with ideas of what to give the many important people in life for birthdays, important occasions, the holidays and just because moments.

Many of my friends and family are having an eventful year. Engraving special dates or notes onto wine bottles, or the silver hang tags that suspend elegantly from the bottles neck are a great way to celebrate their pregnancy, new homes or engagements. Adding brass plates engraved with words of love or initials to one of our gourmet gift baskets allows my family or loved ones to proudly reuse or display the container after they’ve enjoyed its savory contents. Embossing ribbon to be hand-tied around most of our gift baskets makes it easier to decide on which one to send, because I can make it more personal no matter what I choose.

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  1. I completely agree! My friend just gave us bridesmaids a gift basket full of only personalized gifts! From monogrammed make-up bags to necklaces with initials to the fact that she named a piece of land after each of us ( very random, but incredibily unique – ) the fact that they were all personalized was soo thoughtful!

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