The Art of Bonsai

Check out these great little plants. We have the 3 different Bonsai trees on our site. The Schefflera Bonsai, The Zen Awakening Garden, and the Shogun Juniper Bonsai. They are just beautiful. My son has 2 in his living room and they really stand out. The Schefflera is also called the “Umbrella tree” because of the draping leaves. The Zen Awakening Garden contains the Juniper bonsai which is the easiest to train, and The Juniper Bonsai comes with the piece of granite to add balance.

The word Bonsai in Japanese means potted plant. It originated at least 2000 years ago from the Han Dynasty in China and was called Penzai. It is the art of growing miniature trees in containers. The oldest known bonsai tree is in a collection in Tokyo at the Happo-en Restaurant where the trees are 400 to 800 years old.  Weyerhaeuser Company has a collection here in Washington State. It is called the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection located in Federal Way Washington. Open year round to the public. They have over 60 on display in the one acre viewing area.

I think these trees make a wonderful addition to any room. They are small enough for the most compact space, but elegant enough for the largest room. They are available for holiday ordering and I know my relatives will just love these. Of course, I’m going to have them on my wish list also…hint hint…

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  1. Good post on Bonsai…

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