A Season of Change

Dedral Laudermilk – Customer Service Representative

It’s that time of year, new season, new challenges and harvesting. I seem to enjoy the cooler temperatures offering crisp morning air as a sign of parting with the old and preparing for the new. Most of us probably remember a seasonal story. As a child my sister and I enjoyed going out to chop firewood. There were neatly stacked piles out back and my sibling and I would head out, wield an ax and chop away with no thought of possible danger. Then we’d bring the firewood in next to the fireplace.  I miss that old fireplace that we were allowed to paint brown and white to resemble bricks.

Every now and again I go back to the place where I grew up. Most neighbors have passed, they were mature adults when I was a child. My last trip to the area gave me the feeling of being in a storybook. The streets were narrow, barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass. There were new houses that replaced old ones and some newly built where open lots once stood. I was in awe knowing I once lived there. Thinking of the past makes you appreciate the old and welcome the new.

Have you made a trip back to the neighborhood where you lived as a child?

  1. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do, drive by places I used to live as a child and a teenager, it’s such a surreal feeling! It’s great to go back down memory lane, especially since my Dad is no longer with me. It’s also fun to show my kids were I grew up, they get so excited to see where Mom used to live! Even though nothing really looks exactly the same, it’s a comforting feeling, to see those familiar sights.

  2. I grew up in Ukraine and for ten years I’ve wanted to go back and visit the area were I grew up. My friends tell me that there are so many changes to that area. I just can’t wait to see. The old historical building that were built by pirates are cleaned out and remodeled.. Oh, I just can’t wait…

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