A Different Kind of Seeing Eye Dog

I was driving to work earlier last week and heard this fascinating story on the radio that I thought I’d share with the rest of you. In the U.K. there was a murder trial were a dog was brought to the witness stand. Apparently 2 years ago the police found a 59 year old woman, who happen to be the dog’s owner, hanging in her apartment and no one else was in the apartment but the dog. This automatically made the dog a witness. Any way’s back to the story, when the suspect was brought in front of the stand where the dog was, the dog began to bark furiously. Now the judge is in the process of deciding if this is enough evidence to proceed to a trial. Can you imagine, it’s 2 years from when the crime took place and the dog still remembers the killer. I guess now it’s up to the judge to decide if this dog’s reaction is an actual eye witness account.

  1. Dogs are extremely faithful to their master and they don’t lie!

  2. Dogs being so loving to their people, they know when a bad person is around. My dog loves all kids except 2 to date. And believe me he has reason….

  3. Great idea Brandy đŸ˜‰

  4. They should bring in a pet psychic. Maybe they can interpret the dog’s barks. :)

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