I am grateful for so many people and so many things in my life. I’m thankful for a loving family that is always by my side and for my husband who is also my best friend. I’m thankful for the two dogs that sometimes drive me crazy but always forgive me if I yell at them. I’m thankful for my health and for a job I love. I think I take a lot of these things for granted and I don’t tell the people who are so good to me just how grateful I am to have them in my life.

I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that I only tell my mom ‘thanks’ on Mother’s Day or my Dad on Father’s Day. I think I’m going to make it a goal in my life to let people know how much I appreciate them more often. I think everyone should show their gratitude for everyone who has touched their lives. We have these great new blooming plants and Bonsai Trees that are perfect. Or take a look at our Thank You Gifts page and you will find so many Gift Ideas to show your appreciation.

But I’d like to hear from you. What are you grateful for and how to you show your appreciation?

  1. I think everyone should make an extra effort to express how important other people are in their lives. Reminding that special someone how important or how much you appreciate them can make a difference in their life & yours. On that note I just wanted to say that Alicia is such a bubbly, friendly person & she is awesome to work with.

  2. Not to bring everybody down, but like Alicia, I too lost my father way before I should have. I always try to caution people who have relationship problems with their parents or anyone in their life for that matter, that you never know what tomorrow may bring, as passe’ as that might sound. I guess it takes losing someone for that reality to really hit home. There is almost nothing I wouldn’t give or do to have 5 more minutes with my dad, so don’t take it for granted because I did. I live my life now, knowing that I am not guaranteed anything and neither is anyone else, so I want my words and my actions to be kind ones, because who knows, those words might be the last that are said.

  3. My dad passed away when I was only 21, so it really made me realize I need to appreciate the family and friends that are special in my life, and truly make the most of every moment you have with them. I try never to take for granted how lucky I am to have a husband who is perfect for me, and two kids who are my world… along with my extended family, pets, and friends. Life goes by so quick, everyone should take a moment to count their blessings!

  4. It s very easy to take out stress, and anxiety and the people you love the most because they are the ones you can be the most transparent with. I try to always speak with a pleasant tone of voice, so my loved ones know that I’m happy and content with them, even if I’m stressed in another area of my life. I love the Bonsai trees!

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