The Gift that keeps on giving…

Okay so you probably think this is going to be about gifting, but it’s not. I wanted to talk about my little artichoke plant at home.  We started this little plant about 5 years ago and it has become a monster! It has actually put off over 20 artichoke’s this year! Usually we only have one round and then it doesn’t bloom again until the next year, however this year was a different story. It came back. Which was cool but it seemed like a lot of artichoke being that my husband won’t eat them.

You would really be surprised at how many vegetables are perennials. Meaning they come back year after year. Just to name a few, asparagus, rhubarb, radicchio, horseradish, and sweet potatoes. There are tons of herbs that return each year too, and those are small enough to keep in a planter in the window for year round goodness!

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