Baby’s First Bathrobe?

In my living room I have a picture of my oldest granddaughter holding my youngest granddaughter the day she was born. Periodically I gaze at the picture with a big nostalgic looking smile on my face. I can’t help it… babies have that effect on me! And who doesn’t know a parent or grandparent that doesn’t have a buzillion pictures of these little creatures, ready to be talked about without even the slightest provocation?

One of the most perfect gifts we have here at GiftTree, is the My Sweet Luv Baby Basket. As far as baby gift baskets go, this one is full of things the new parents, baby and grandparents can use. The teeny weeny baby bathrobe (with a hood and belt) and itty bitty slippers is soooo cute! Do you know any baby with such a cool ensemble? A picture frame (for grandma?) and there’s even a classical music CD to help your little angel develop his or her musical genius. An absolutely darling gift!

  1. Nice bathrob. It looks great on baby..

  2. Penny that is the cutest bath set their is. I think we spoil our little one more then ourselves.

  3. If you’ve ever heard me talk about my sister’s first child, my nephew Alex, you would know that I am completely in love with him. My favorite memory of when he was a baby is when I gave him his first “Big Boy Bath”. He couldn’t really sit up by himself, but he had this little donut that held him up, and he just played and played with his rubber ducky. Afterward, we dressed him in a very similar robe, and he had that yummy baby shampoo smell… Ah, seems like just yesterday… You just gotta love the babies in your life.

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