Birthday Gift for the Technically Challenged

Everyone knows someone who’s a little behind the times as far as technology goes. Well, in my house that would be my husband. He’s spent most of his life in the military, and technology just kind of passed right by him. Last year he finally broke down and got a pre-paid cell phone, so I wouldn’t worry so much about him when he went on long motorcycle rides. With my 9 year old granddaughter helping him out, he learned how to answer a call, place a call, lock the keypad and store numbers. He even got himself one of those fancy cell phone holders you strap to your belt, you know the kind.

Ok, so last week we decide to get some different phones and he tells our son that he’s getting one of those “flap-top” phones. We both look at him and go huh? He repeats it again only this time I’ve started laughing and his voice is a little louder. “I’m getting a flap-top phone that flaps up you know? And it takes cellular photographs too.” Now I’m going to pee my pants I’m laughing so hard. I LOVE my technically challenged man! And since it’s his birthday this month, I think I’ll keep it simple for him and throw him a barbeque.

If you have someone on your birthday list who’s a little behind the times, you can’t go wrong with something like our 22 oz. Microbrew Beer Trio & Grilling Gift Set. Some of the best birthday gift baskets we have here at GiftTree are the simplest and yummiest of all. He’ll love the fact that the most technical part of the gift will be figuring out which to do first: thank you for the fantastic gift, or call all of his friends on his new flap-top phone and invite them over!

  1. It’s ok Brandy, I got something that is even better. We bought this really cool new program were you learn English on computer and we thought if we show my mom what to do she’d get it. Well let’s just say up to this day she does not know how to operate the mouse not to mention turning on and off the computer.

  2. My mom doesn’t know how to set the VCR to record. Or how to work “the e-mail”. Her words, not mine. :)

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