On or Off the Registry

Carol Drury Says:
July 20th, 2008 at 8:00 pm
Do you have to buy a gift off the gift registry, or can you get something unique and special, and one of a kind.

Sandy – Customer Service Representative
Though I loved all of my gifts, I would have to say that my favorite ones are actually ones that reminded people of my husband and me. Couples will have a lifetime of buying practical things throughout their lives (which is usually what is registered for) so switch it up, and give them something truly memorable!

  1. This is a catch 22 for me, I think I my self would prefer a personalized gift something special and meaningful vs. a registry gift. I feel that you will be with the person that you are marrying forever and you will have plenty of time and opportunity to buy those household items, plus most likely everyone else will get them those type of things so your gift will stand out. I think that the “Gift Registry” was invented for the people that don’t really know a person and to keep the people that are buying a “generic” gift more organized so that the recipient doesn’t receive more than one of each item…
    Although I would be more than happy with either one, a personalized or a registered gift, I feel that personalized is the way to go if you have the creativity or time to do so.

  2. I don’t know, I would have to disagree with you Sandy. It’s only safe to buy a gift that is not on the registry if you know that person very well, and you are sure for 100% that they want that item. Also it’s safe and appropriate to buy a gift that is personalized such as engraved wine bottle with the person’s name or the important date.

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