Wine Glasses: A Great Gift for Wine Lovers

Any true wine enthusiast can attest to the importance of the correct glassware for tasting wine, and even those who do not consider themselves to be experts on the matter will recognize larger, rounder glasses for red wines and narrower glasses for whites.

The shape of the glass is very important as a specific shape will best concentrate the flavor and aroma to emphasize the varietal’s characteristic. Some also believe that the shape of the glass directs the wine itself into the best area of the mouth for tasting a certain varietal.

There many different types of wine glasses, some specific to a single varietal such as Pinot Noir. For this reason, wine glasses make an excellent wine gift for the wine enthusiast. By being able to expand their wine collection (including stemware, accessories, etc) and for the purpose of enhancing the wine drinking process, wine hobbyists always appreciate receiving wine glasses. Or most of the time…one of our wine reps said that he has two full cabinets full of wine glasses and that his wife was about to start breaking them! :)

If you aren’t sure of which glass goes with which wine, start with the classic champagne flute. We offer a pair of lovely Mikasa flutes with our Dom Perignon Experience.

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