Shaking babies and kissing hands

I mean shaking hands and kissing babies! How many of you have heard this term? How many of you have seen a politician kiss a baby, or your baby? Not me that’s for sure (because I don’t have any yet). Now that it’s almost election month every politician running for anything is doing everything they can to win the vote. Now I understand why a politician would want to kiss babies. Everyone loves babies and if the candidate shows that he or she loves babies they assume kissing them will garner public support. This practice appears to have started during the Jackson Democracy along with similar, non-topic political pushing practices such as badges, and pins. What I don’t understand is why someone would hand over their baby to someone they don’t even know? I mean I get the fact that this person, being a public figure, is probably not going to run off with the kid. But do you know where their hands have been?

  1. That poor baby, I too be screaming for my mom, what was he thinking but we can go back and look at all the funny things that this man did.

  2. I don’t blame the kid for crying, I’d cry, too!

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