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The older that I get, the more I realize how important family is, and that my family is really fun to hang out with! Growing up, especially as a teenager, I didn’t want to hang out with them. I wanted to spend time with my friends, not my embarrassing parents and siblings! Now I have a great time with them joking around and reminiscing about the good ol’days. Well, it just so happens that August is Family Fun Month. Just think of all the things to do with your family during August. Having big barbecues, going to the beach maybe a road trip or two.

My family is big on picnics. We go on probably 10 picnics each summer, oddly enough none of us own a picnic basket. So for my parents’ upcoming anniversary, I’m thinking about getting them the California Wine Gift Basket and maybe at least one of the picnics that we go on will include a picnic basket. So, how do you and your family have fun together? Do you have any special trips that you take or activities that everyone likes to do? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. No kidding that August is Family Fun month. Last weekend I went to the movies with my in laws, then had a barbecue with them the next day. I have a family reunion next weekend and then the last weekend of August we’re going to A Seattle Mariners game!

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