Potty Talk

Is your toddler ready for potty training? So I heard that there are people that come to your house and teach your kid how to use the can. I didn’t believe it so I did what I always do in those cases. I Googled it. It’s true! Some of them come to your house, and then there are Potty Boot Camps. Seriously! So I decided to find some helpful tips for those of you with real jobs, and don’t have the extra dough to spare on “trainers”. Kids are generally ready to use the potty between 18-24 months. Be sure that when you are referring to the toilet or the action you use the same word each time, and keep them on a schedule. Like morning, before bed etc. Also, potty training a toddler usually takes about 3 months. So be prepared for the long haul. Always reward the tot when they have a successful visit to the bathroom.

  1. With my niece and nephew, every time they went potty on the ‘big kid’ toilet, they got a sticker on the calender. That seemed to work pretty well!

  2. Or as the Beastie Boys say…you gotta fight, for your right to potty!

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