Be Sure to Get a Cone with That Ice Cream!

I’m always looking for ways to Go Green, and to encourage my family to do the same. Here’s a few things I came across that I thought were fun and easy to do!

-When going out for ice cream, get a cone rather than a bowl. That way you’re eating your utensils instead of throwing them away. So now you can use Going Green as an excuse to visit your local ice cream parlor.
-Whenever possible, don’t get a receipt. With on-line banking you can check on your account without wasting paper. A lot of stores nowadays ask if you want a receipt.
-Give old or outgrown clothes to friends, family, or charity. My 2nd hand store-shopoholic sister purges her closet a few times a year and I get her hand-me-downs. It’s like a shopping trip for me! And what doesn’t fit me goes to friends or other family members.
-Instead of watching TV, go on a nature walk. It might be hard to get off that couch, but it’s worth it and you’ll feel better in the end.
-GiftTree has many Gift Baskets and Wine Baskets with unique containers that can be used for storage after the contents of the gift are gone. I have used them to display towels, hold jewelry, store bills, etc.

What are some other fun and easy ways to Go Green? Please post a comment, your idea may be something others have not thought of.

  1. this is the only place I could find a place to post how appreciative I am of you hiring me on for the 2009 Holiday Season in customer service, especially since you did it on my “40” Birthday. I have enjoyed my time with everyone and hope to become part of the Gift Tree Family soon.

  2. If I get to eat ice cream to go green, then can I shop to go green- as long as it’s second hand? I can get used to this logic… :)

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