In Times of Sorrow…

One of my sisters and her husband are going through some really rough times right now. Our whole family had been on pins and needles and really haven’t known what to do for them without being too intrusive. My sister is a very private person and has always kept her feelings to herself for the most part, so you can only imagine how my heart ached for her, knowing that she was hurting inside and putting on a brave face for the outside. I spotted some mini calla lilies while out on an errand later that week, and immediately thought of my sister who absolutely loves calla lilies. I thought to myself, I’m going to risk it and I will get these for her. When I brought her the flowers that evening, she loved them! Her face immediately lit up and for the longest time she actually smiled. It felt so good to see her cheer up like that! Now I keep on thinking that I should have ordered her The Tropicala Bouquet which contains birds of paradise AND calla lilies in a vase with exotic greenery. It would have been perfect and she would have loved it just as well, but I think that to let them know you are there for them if they need you is the best thing of all.

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