Weddings and Recon Missions?

If bride’s maids and best men of today think they have it tough, they have no clue. Back in the day, the responsibilities of these two now very traditional positions was vastly greater then planning perverse bridal shower entertainment, or bachelor party debauchery. These positions actually consisted of dangerous undertakings, and scary propositions.

The best man found it’s origin from the Germanic Goths, where it was customary for a man to marry a woman from within his own community. Of course, when woman were in short supply, a military like recon mission would be launched on a neighboring village. This is where the groom would select only the “best” man he knew to take along for this stealthy and very dangerous endeavor.

For the bride’s maids their dealings were with evil spirits! In Roman law, it was mandatory to have 10 witnesses at a wedding to fool evil spirits. It was believed that these evil spirits were there to cause mischief and disharmony. The bridesmaids would there for dress up like the bride and the ushers and best man like the groom, to confuse the spirits as to who was really getting married. Crazy!

So even if the duties of the bride’s maids and groom’s man of today are not as demanding as the ones of yesterday it’s definitely nice to show our appreciation for them sharing in our big day. I have no idea what I am going to give my bridal party (or if I will even have a bridal party), but I know I will have no shortage of gift ideas working here at GiftTree. I love the Thank You Cakes, and you can’t really ever go wrong with sweets. I also love idea of the Leatherette ID Bracelet for the bride’s maids and the Engraved Dog Tag Necklace for the groom’s man. What were some of your bridal party gifts?

  1. My friend just gave us bridesmaids a gift basket full of really cute personalized items. From monogrammed make-up bags to necklaces with out initials to the fact that she named a piece of land after each of us ( very random, but incredibly unique – ) the fact that they were all personalized was soo thoughtful!

  2. Did you know…The Wican and Pagan beliefs conducted what was known as the “handfasting ceremony” or “handfasting ritual”. And there in lies the root of the phrase “tying the knot”.

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